We are busy getting ready our horror-themed expansion for BangBang PewPew so for Halloween I thought I'd share some of the details.

We are working with horror director Glen Baisley to take lightgun shooting to the slasher movie genre. This is pushing BangBang PewPew in a whole new direction.

We started by moving to the latest version of the Unity Engine. This means an immediate increase in speed and quality for all our players. It also opens up new options to us like improvements to Unity's VFX system.

Take a look at our new fire effects. Previously it was not possible for us to make effects like this triggered by an animation that were focused on a single part of the enemy's body like you see here.


We've also pushed our character design in new directions. Our witches, the disciples of the black rose, have custom texturing and clothing that is by far more detailed than anything we could accomplish in the initial release of BangBang PewPew.

Our animation system has improved drastically as well. We incorporated physics-based animation on our characters, including cloth animations and skeletal animations that react realistically to where the enemy is hit. And of course, being inspired by the slasher genre, we had to add copious amounts of blood.

We have also improved the user interface throughout the game to better communicate with our players and to support the changes we've made to the gameplay over the last few months. Here's a peak at some of the new weapon icons we produced.

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