We are busy getting ready our horror-themed expansion for BangBang PewPew so for Halloween I thought I'd share some of the details.

We are working with horror director Glen Baisley to take lightgun shooting to the slasher movie genre. This is pushing BangBang PewPew in a whole new direction.

It's been too quiet. I have been making ambitious changes to BangBang PewPew and I need every bit of time I can find to focus on development! A few of you all have asked what's going on and about our plans for BangBang PewPew. As we get ready for release of our horror DLC, Shadow of the Black Rose, I'll share a lot more about our upcoming plans.

People said I was crazy when I announced the Kickstarter funding goal for BangBang PewPew. The rule of thumb at the time was to seek $20,000+ for 2d games and $80,000+ for 3d games. I couldn't do that because BangBang PewPew from the start was meant to be for hardcore lightgun gamers and there aren't many of us around! I roughly estimated that there were between 20,000 and 40,000 modern lightguns out there and many of them were owned by purists who only wanted to stick with their classic games instead of trying something new. On the other hand, most games have a potential audience of millions. I was hoping for a lightgun shooting renaissance but not betting on it.

They said I was crazy. I admit I am but not for the reasons they thought. I got it done on time and on budget! All the artists, admin staff and professionals got paid and (with a little luck) someday maybe I will too. The short answer to how it was done: I stuck to my strengths and only spent money where absolutely necessary. If something wasn't in my skill set or wasn't necessary, I either worked around it or cut it from the game. Over the next few posts I'll share some of the details.

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